Appointment of an information czar is bureaucratic overreach | WT op-ed

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A single U.S. information czar not confirmed by the U.S. Senate in charge of absolutely everything: U.S. broadcasting, U.S. public diplomacy, counter-propaganda and psychological warfare is a foolish, unworkable and dangerous idea, Ted Lipien, a BBG Watch co-founder and supporter argues in a Washington Times op-ed. Finding a person qualified to be a single U.S. government information czar would be impossible and combining some of the tasks under one organization would be foolish. The incompetent BBG bureaucracy would be in charge. Former acting associate director of the Voice of America also believes that the bipartisan H.R. 2323 reform bill offers a good compromise with two strong CEOs, two highly specialized boards and a lot of oversight which is now missing under the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).


When an idea is foolish and dangerous: Appointment of an information czar is bureaucratic overreach. By Ted Lipien. The Washington Times – Sunday, January 10, 2016