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Questions about news reporting and management of U.S. international media outreach.

Voice of America or Voice of Castro?

BBG Watch Commentary Voice of America or Voice of Castro?   While surfing the web, we recently came across a Voice of America news report in English titled: “Castro Urges US to End Broadcasts Directed at Cuba.” The 430-word report…
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Is this Russian RT, SPUTNIK or something else?

BBG Watch Commentary Was this Facebook item posted by Russian propaganda channel RT, Russian disinformation news agency SPUTNIK or somebody else? The answer may surprise you.   “With over 40% youth unemployment in Italy, could extending EU sanctions on Russia…
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Voice of America explains Putin

BBG Watch Commentary Voice of America Reporter Tries to Clarify Putin’s Remark on NATO’s Role in Ukraine   Link to Video In a U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America (VOA) program, “The Correspondents,” which aired online on January 30, 2015, VOA…
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Questions from a Voice of America Journalist

BBG Watch Guest Commentary BBG Watch occasionally publishes guest commentaries. This one is from a current Voice of America journalist who prefers to remain anonymous. Views expressed here are only those of the authors and not of BBG Watch, its…
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