Mock funeral at Voice of America protest VIDEO

BBG Watch Commentary

An amateur video of the anti-censorship protest on May 8, 2017 in front of the Voice of America (VOA) headquarters building in Washington, DC was uploaded to YouTube.



A group of Chinese Americans staged a mock funeral today, May 8, 2017, at the Voice of America (VOA) headquarters building in Washington, DC in protest against what they and many democracy supporters in China see as censorship and caving in to pressure from the Chinese communist government by the senior management of the U.S. taxpayer-funded media outlet run by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) federal agency. The demonstrators positioned large funeral wreaths in front of the Voice of America building and carried a mock coffin with an American flag draped over it to show their belief that VOA management is censoring programs to China out of fear of the Chinese communist government. VOA and BBG leaders deny these charges which may be a result of poor leadership at the senior level, mismanagement and dismal employee morale within their agency.

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