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BBG ‘s PR gurus come and go quickly, wrong strategy remains

Al Kamen reported in his Washington Post In the Loop column that longtime State Department employee Diane Zeleny, who several weeks ago got a new job as director of communications and external relations at the Broadcasting Board of Governors, announced that she is leaving her post. She told her colleagues that she will be leaving shortly to start a job as VP for Strategy and Communications at the Legatum Institute. The Institute is based in London, but she will work mostly from Washington with frequent trips to London and Dubai where Legatum has offices.

Director Ensor says VOA to China will not go silent on October 1

This email just in less than 10 minutes ago, from David Ensor, Voice of America Director. Colleagues in the China Branch, I want to take this opportunity to share information with you about the FY 2012 budget and its possible impact on the Mandarin and Cantonese Services. I have been working closely with other senior agency managers on developments relating to VOA China programs and can confirm for you today that the proposed reductions to the VOA Mandarin and Cantonese Services will not take place on October 1.

“Potentially Damaging Content”

The latest revelations by BBG Watch regarding the Broadcasting Board of Governors describe an organization that is at cross-purposes with itself, in a state of disarray and in the process of solidifying itself as an ineffective and useless expense to…
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Count on BBG to cut programs if there will be a crisis

Shortly before which wars/uprisings/major crises did BBG executives proposed or implemented broadcasting cuts to the affected countries. Please vote on website and check it for answers. The Jasmine Revolution in China, 2011 Russia’s invasion of the Republic of Georgia,…
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BBG management style

When did the BBG executives announce their decision to fire 45 VOA Chinese journalists? Chinese New Year Mao’s Birthday Anniversary of the Founding of Communist China Valentine’s Day None of the above. They are smart and sensitive managers. Please vote…
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What BBG may do to VOA Chinese content

Update: this is how VOA Chinese website may look like if BBG executives succeed in ending VOA broadcasts to China, fire experienced journalists and implement their favorite Internet marketing strategies, which place a premium on getting more visitors to their…
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