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Voice of America and the Russian Bear

BBG Watch Satire A bear broke into a shopping mall in Russia this week, apparently looking for food. Perhaps the smells coming the food court were too good to resist? Posted by Voice of America – VOA on Sunday, October 18,…
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BBG Watch BBG Watch offers a wide range of commentaries on current issues in U.S. international media outreach, public diplomacy, disinformation, and propaganda. The following commentary is by former VOA White House, Congressional and Foreign Correspondent Dan Robinson, who retired…
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BBG Board Meeting, October 8, 2015

BBG Watch VIDEOS BBG PRESS RELEASE BBG WATCH NOTES We recommend a look at the response by Conniff to a question from Shell about whether MBN is actually making a difference….having an influence there…how do you tell…how do you measure…?…
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