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Congress to BBG: You are a ‘Broken Agency’

BBG Watch This press release was posted today on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs website.   This Broken Agency is Losing the Info War to ISIS & Putin   ” Millions of dollars have been squandered….We cannot allow incompetence…
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Hand Me A Shovel, Part II

Bureaucracy Warning Sign

BBG Watch OPINION     Broadcasting Board of Governors Information War Lost: Hand Me A Shovel, Part Two By The Federalist     Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Lansing is learning that applied terminology to…
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BBG Watch gets BBG love poems for Valentine’s Day

BBG Watch Commentary In the category of weird government management news, here is one from the dysfunctional Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), a federal agency at the bottom of employee satisfaction ratings:         Broadcasting Board of Governors…
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