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Marie Ciliberti

BBG Watch A Tribute to Marie Ciliberti By Ted Lipien I am sad to report that former Voice of America broadcaster Marie Ciliberti has passed away. For many years, she was one of my closet confidential advisors on employee issues…
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USAGM The Rebranded Tower of Babel

OPINION U-SAG-M! The Rebranded Tower of Babel Old Is New, New Is Old   By The Federalist     With dysfunction being a cornerstone of all things U-SAG-M, Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) or whatever you want to call it, the…
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U-SAG-M! – U.S. Agency for Global Media

OPINION “U-SAG-M!” – United States Agency for Global Media   US Government International Media Information War Lost   By The Federalist   “Congress annually appropriates almost $750 million to the BBG. It’s time to get serious about reforming it to ensure…
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