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Trump speaks about VOA

BBG – USAGM Watch Commentary A report posted online by the Voice of America (VOA) implied that President Donald Trump may have not known that VOA still exists when he mentioned the tax-funded ($250 million FY19), U.S. government-managed media outlet…
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Strzok-like behavior rewarded at Voice of America

BBG Watch Commentary Some of the U.S. federal employees who are news reporters for the Voice of America (VOA) international and through the internet also increasingly a domestic media entity exhibited in public behavior similar to what embattled FBI agent…
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The Russians – Again – Still #ReformBBG

OPINION   The Russians – Again – Still   US Government International Media Information War: Lost #ReformBBG   By The Federalist     The Russians. Yes, the Russians. Remember what Winston Churchill said in defining Russia and the Russian people:…
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