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Defunct BBG Board to bite the dust

BBG Watch Commentary In the end even the Obama White House had enough of the “practically defunct“ (Hillary Clinton’s words) Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) which has for years mismanaged U.S. international media outreach. Under a deal between the White…
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Taking The Washington Post To Task

Bureaucracy Warning Sign

BBG Watch Commentary Reform of US Government international broadcasting cannot and must not be held hostage by a group of individuals motivated by self-interest intent upon preserving a dysfunctional and defunct Federal agency. The latest incident at the Voice of…
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Kerry v. Bieber at Voice of America – Bieber Wins

BBG Watch Commentary At the U.S. taxpayers’ funded Voice of America (VOA), international audiences can get either news in English and in most of VOA’s other languages about Secretary of State John Kerry’s statements on Ukraine or news about Justin…
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