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Voice of America has never been independent

BBG Watch Media Dan Robinson who had a nearly 35 year career at Voice of America (VOA) argues in a new Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) opinion article that the U.S. taxpayer-funded ($224 million FY 2017) has never been truly independent…
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Closing of Voice of America Jerusalem Bureau

BBG Watch Commentary This BBG Watch commentary was written as our introduction linking to an excellent investigative journalism article written for Columbia Journalism Review by Gary Thomas, a former Voice of America (VOA) senior correspondent. In this fact-based article, Gary…
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Disastrous BBG Budget

  “The true bureaucrat is a man of really remarkable talents.  He writes a kind of English that is unknown elsewhere in the world, and an almost infinite capacity for forming complicated and unworkable rules.” – H.L. Mencken   “For…
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The Russian Front – The Federalist

Bureaucracy Warning Sign

International Broadcasting Bureau – The Standard for Dysfunction and Defunct in the Federal Government – Information War Lost: The Russian Front by The Federalist   On December 29/30, 2013 suicide bombers detonated themselves and their explosives in a crowded train station…
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Honesty can be dangerous for BBG employees, union warns

BBG Watch Commentary A union representing federal employees working for the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) warned its members that the agency’s upper management is retaliating against its critics. “Any AFGE Local 1812 member who may be thinking of expressing…
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The Thomas Affair at Voice of America – BBG Watch

BBG Watch Commentary Voice of America (VOA) Director David Ensor and Executive Editor Steve Redisch had refused to answer questions from a respected former senior VOA correspondent Gary Thomas for an article he was writing for Columbia Journalism Review. But…
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