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Full Meltdown Mode for Voice of America and BBG

OPINION Full Meltdown Mode   Broadcasting Board of Governors and Voice of America: Information War Lost   By The Federalist   Let’s get to the point: John Lansing (chief executive officer [CEO] Broadcasting Board of Governors) and Amanda Bennett (Voice…
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Voice of America assumed Clinton would win

BBG Watch Commentary As reported this week by CBS News and other media, Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and unsuccessful Democratic Party candidate for president in 2016, said in discussing her recently published book: “I had not drafted a…
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The Russians – Again – Still #ReformBBG

OPINION   The Russians – Again – Still   US Government International Media Information War: Lost #ReformBBG   By The Federalist     The Russians. Yes, the Russians. Remember what Winston Churchill said in defining Russia and the Russian people:…
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