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Why WWII Voice of America ignored the Holocaust

“The Voice of America—the United States Government overseas radio broadcasting station founded in 1942—ignored the subject of the Holocaust throughout the Second World War,” American scholar Holly Cowan Shulman wrote in a 1997 article published in Historical Journal of Film,…
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Voice of America and Internment of Japanese Americans

Introduction With today’s 75th anniversary of the signing of the presidential executive order to imprison Japanese Americans during World War II, when it comes to understanding who really initiates and creates government propaganda in the United States sometimes a little…
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A New Plan for New Radio Liberty

BBG Watch Commentary A New Plan for New Radio Liberty by Lev Roitman, RFE/RL Senior Commentator (1974-2004) We don’t know where we go to but will come there first. True to that German saying, Masha Gessen, recently appointed as the…
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