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Broadcasting Board of Governors Fantasy Reform

Bureaucracy Warning Sign

OPINION/COMMENTARY   Broadcasting Board of Governors Information War: It’s Over. We Lost. Fantasy Reform By The Federalist     “‘We’re just not countering it [Kremlin propaganda] effectively,’ Mr. Royce [Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee]…
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BBG CEO gives two longtime SES executives new duties

BBG Watch Commentary Some Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) employees are scratching their heads to explain a recent announcement by new BBG CEO John Lansing that two longtime BBG officials, SES (Senior Executive Service) executives Jeff Trimble and Marie Lennon,…
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Is this Russian RT, SPUTNIK or something else?

BBG Watch Commentary Was this Facebook item posted by Russian propaganda channel RT, Russian disinformation news agency SPUTNIK or somebody else? The answer may surprise you.   “With over 40% youth unemployment in Italy, could extending EU sanctions on Russia…
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