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Equal Time For Pirates on Voice of America

VOA Presents Pirates As Desperate Fisherman

BBG Watch Commentary People in the United States and abroad who have signed up for the Voice of America (VOA) e-mail news bulletin, and thus allowed themselves to be propagandized to by highly partisan and poorly-informed management of the U.S….
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Tax-funded VOA posts more one-sided attacks on Trump


BBG Watch Commentary There have been more one-sided attacks on President Trump in recent Voice of America (VOA) news reports which extensively quote Trump’s critics without anyone from the administration or among Trump’s supporters being given an opportunity of responding…
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US Media Agency Accelerating Toward Oblivion

Bureaucracy Warning Sign

OPINION US Media Agency Accelerating Toward Oblivion US Government International Media Information War Lost   By The Federalist     Individuals inside the Cohen Building – the headquarters of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and in the Voice of…
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