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The downhill slide of VOA

BBG Watch Media In an op-ed published in Washington Examiner, Ted Lipien, a former Voice of America (VOA) acting associate director who is a co-founder of BBG Watch, makes an argument for reforming the leadership of both VOA and its…
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What’s the difference between the VA and VOA?

BBG Watch Guest Commentary BBG Watch occasionally publishes guest commentaries. This one is from a current Voice of America journalist who prefers to remain anonymous. Views expressed here are only those of the authors and not of BBG Watch, its…
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BBG Gone Pravda

BBG Watch Commentary An old Soviet-era joke went something like this: “This is Armenian Radio; our listeners asked us: ‘Why do we need two central newspapers, Pravda (Truth) and Izvestiya (News) if both are organs of the same Party?’ We’re…
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