This particular announcement for a an experienced social media newsroom consultant at the Broadcasting Board of Governors strikes us as being written for a particular person who may be a friend or former associate of a BBG manager or a top-level contractor already employed by some of the former CNN executives who are taking over the management of the agency under the nepotism rule of the BBG Chairman Walter Isaacson, who himself is a former CNN executive.

The rest is here:
BBG seeking social media newsroom contractor – consultant, possibly for friend of current manager

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Broadcasting Board Governor Victor Ashe praised for listening to employee concerns

The American Federation of Government Employees Local 1812 (AFGE Local 1812) published a report on the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) member Victor Ashe’s recent visit to the Edward R. Murrow Transmitting Station in Greenville, North Carolina, praising him for reaching out to BBG employees and openly discussing their concerns. It is highly unusual for BBG members to regularly meet with groups of employees and for the union representing the BBG workforce to praise a BBG member.