BBG Watch brief news and commentaries.

Matt Armstrong’s MountainRunner Reboots

BBG Watch News “Matt Armstrong’s blog on public diplomacy, international journalism, and the struggle against propaganda” will resume publication, according to an announcement on his blog. Matt Armstrong was confirmed as member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)…
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Trouble with English at Voice of America

BBG Watch Commentary Voice of America (VOA) employees have told BBG Watch of continuing management shortcomings within the organization, which they blame mostly on VOA’s top leadership refusing to address serious employee morale issues. Many top VOA executives have shown…
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Freedom of Speech Abridged – The Federalist

Bureaucracy Warning Sign

International Broadcasting Bureau – The Standard For Dysfunctional and Defunct in the US Government – Information War Lost:  Freedom of Speech Abridged by The Federalist “Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.” -Charles Caleb Cotton (1780-1832) BBG Watch has established itself as a…
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Management's panic at survey time

AFGE Local 1812 employee union reports that International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) and other managers responsible for creating a workplace with the lowest employee morale in the federal government are showing signs of panic before the next Office of Personnel Management…
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