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Sen. Warner to Propose National Cybersecurity Doctrine

Sen. Warner to Propose National Cybersecurity Doctrine| Mutlichannel NEWS   “Expand American influence abroad to extend the key tenets of an open, interoperable, reliable, and secure Internet.” BBG Watch Comment: In the past, the Voice of America (VOA) website was…
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Voice Of America Vows Independence, As Trump Calls For ‘Worldwide Network’   Dan Robinson comments on NPR report about VOA   NPR conveniently makes it quite difficult to post comments on its audio pieces. In fact, you can’t — you…
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Fantasy Land at USAGM and VOA

OPINION U-SAG-M Fantasyland   Special 2018 Holiday Edition   US Government International Media?   By The Federalist     The U-SAG-M fantasyland is in full swing during the 2018 holiday season. As we’ve said many times before, you can’t make…
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