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US Agency for Global Media John Lansing Departs

BBG – USAGM Watch Guest Commentary OPINION U-SAG-M US Agency for Global Media John Lansing Departs By The Federalist John Lansing, the hapless and luckless chief executive officer (CEO) of U-SAG-M (US Agency for Global Madness…err…Media) will be leaving the…
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VOA Editor Also Mocked Senator Ted Cruz

BBG – USAGM Watch Commentary His selection as the Press Freedom Editor was praised and announced to the staff on April 1, 2019 by the Voice of America (VOA) director Amanda Bennett, but, according to reports in The Dailly Caller,…
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Call It Corrupt

OPINION Call It Corrupt By The Federalist The US Agency for Global Media (USAGM) or U-SAG-M, as we like to call it, formerly known as the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), has long established itself as one of the worst…
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