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Meet The USAGM PR Flash Meister

OPINION   Government International Media: Meet The USAGM PR Flash Meister   By The Federalist   John Lansing. He is the chief executive officer of the United States Agency for Global Media or “U-SAG-M” as we like to call it….
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It’s Alive! The USAGM Dystopia

OPINION It’s Alive! The U-SAG-M Dystopia By The Federalist “Dystopia” has a broad range of definition. In part, it is used to describe “…a place, society or situation in which (the reality of) conditions and the quality of life are…
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Trump Sticks With Pack for Broadcasting Chief, WFB reported

BBG Watch Media As reported by Susan Crabtree in the Washington Free Beacon, “President Trump has re-nominated documentary filmmaker Michael Pack to lead the nation’s taxpayer-funded global broadcasting operation, which was created to counter propaganda from repressive regimes but critics…
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