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Putin goes after Radio Svoboda on Russian TV — CUSIB and BBG Watch

In a prime-time interview aired on October 17 with the heads of Russia’s three largest television stations, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that during the Cold War, his former employer — the KGB — viewed Radio Svoboda as a branch of the CIA engaged in spying in the former Soviet Union, the Committee for U.S.

BBG executives unnerved by Ashe’s interest in employee morale — BBG Watch

According to BBG Watch sources, Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) executives, including International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) senior staffers, were surprised by BBG member Victor Ashe’s public raising of the issue of employee concerns at the October 13 BBG meeting. Sources tell us they were even more surprised to receive a request from Ashe for a written report and a formal response on how they plan to address these concerns
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Employees are expendable collateral — The Federalist — BBG Watch

More on the BBG Employee Survey by The Federalist In the October 2011 meeting of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the open session was made notable by remarks from Ambassador Victor Ashe, a member of the board. Ambassador Ashe commented at some length about the recent employee survey. He noted some slight improvements in the survey results and other observations on employee-related subjects (both career staff and contractors).
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The “New” BBG Strategic Plan — The Federalist — BBG Watch

by The Federalist     On Friday, October 14, the Broadcasting Board of Governors put out a press release heralding its “new” alleged “strategic plan.”   Well, really, this isn’t something “new.”  It’s more a case of something being recycled and repackaged.  The goals are the same: the destruction of effective US international broadcasting.  Someone inside the Cohen Building must think they are being clever.
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BBG’s Victor Ashe raises employee morale issues

In a rare move for a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), a struggling federal agency which oversees U.S. government-funded news and information broadcasts for foreign audiences, BBG Governor Ambassador Victor Ashe raised the issue of employee morale at the Voice of America (VOA), one of the broadcasting entities managed by the BBG. Speaking at an open BBG meeting on October 13, 2011, Ambassador Ashe acknowledged that despite a minor improvement in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results for the Broadcasting Board of Governors, BBG remains near the very bottom among all federal agencies in terms of employee morale.
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NGOs defend media freedom against Kim Jong-Il's regime

Free media NGOs and shortwave radio stations help to bring uncensored news to North Korea. One of them is Voice of America. VOA and its parent agency, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, however, are also criticized for promoting to what amounts to a North Korean propaganda video.

Newly-formed Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting vows to defend media freedom journalism

BBG Watch has learned that individuals associated with U.S. human rights, labor, and media freedom organizations have formed the Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting (CUSIB) with the aim of working with the Administration, Congress and media to promote free flow of uncensored news from the United States to countries in which journalists are threatened or lack sufficient resources.

The Long Slow Crawl Up The Mountain — BBG Watch

The numbers are in for the 2011 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (formerly known as the Human Capital Survey). Once again, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) solidly maintains its position as one of the worst work environments in the Federal workplace. Here are some of the “highlights:” • 33rd of 37 in job satisfaction; • 35th of 37 on results-oriented performance culture; • 36th of 37 on talent management; and, • 37th of 37 on leadership and knowledgeable management

From BBG website – Pyongyang is a vibrant city and busy with activity

BBG Watch, which is not in any way affiliated with the Broadcasting Board of Governors, wonders who signed off on the press release on the BBG official website,, quoting Voice of America journalist Sungwon Baik, who just completed a rare reporting assignment to North Korea, as saying that the country’s capital city Pyongyang is “vibrant and busy with activity.” Relative to what? — BBG Watch wonders — the Gulag? What are they smoking, or have we missed the opening of a new shopping mall with chic boutiques in downtown Pyongyang?

‘America the Beautiful’ on Chinese TV

International media reported that Chinese state TV played the music of “America the Beautiful” (without lyrics) during the historic launch of the country’s first space laboratory. BBC: ‘America the Beautiful’ accompanies China rocket launch BBC reported that some Chinese people say that CCTV must have made a mistake with the music