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A comment sent to BBG Watch includes a plea to the next Voice of America (VOA) director. While the author mentions award-winning investigative reporter and media manager Amanda Bennett, who was reported by us to be a leading candidate for the VOA director’s position, we can’t confirm whether she is still in the running for the job, but we hope she is.


Please put a stop to this nonsense

VOA did not send a cameraman to Cuba. That is all you need to know to realize that the amateurs are in charge. They just threw a group of inexperienced “reporters” with iPhones on a plane and called it coverage.

Here’s what an effective news organization would have done:

Send an experienced reporter and a cameraman as a team. Focus on original reporting.

Send one print reporter for original reporting for web.

Send one radio reporter for original reporting.

Have a Washington team wrap the daily feed video of Obama’s actions with expert interviews and commentary.

Four people in Cuba. A team in DC. Total coverage.

Instead we got a lot of amateurish garbage.

Are you reading this Ms. Bennett??

Please put a stop to this nonsense.

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