BBG Watch Commentary

A comment was sent to us by one of our readers, a former VOA foreign and domestic correspondent.

Gee, so the Voice of America, where employees slurred the incoming president, the next First Lady, and Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka at a holiday party held on government time, runs this….,

School Board Votes to Oust Member Over Obama Insults | Voice of America

Not that VOA should not have run this story. It should have. By all means.

But is there no shame? No leadership? No accountability of any kind at this U.S. taxpayer-funded ($224 M FY 2017) broadcaster?

VOA should have also reported on a U.S. journalist losing her reporting assignment at Politico after posting a slur of a sexual nature against Mr. Trump and Ivanka Trump.

Not surprisingly, we could not find this story on the VOA News website, but it was widely reported by U.S. and international media.

Politico severs ties with writer Julia Ioffe over Trump incest tweet, By Jessica Chasmar – The Washington Times, December 15, 2016

VOA seems very selective about which slurs it chooses to report.

And VOA newsroom definitely does not report its own slurs.

These slurs by just a few VOA reporters, who nevertheless play a key role in the VOA newsroom, don’t seem to bother senior leaders of the Voice of America and Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). The same leaders have allowed VOA to become more biased and more partisan when it comes to the coverage of U.S. politics in 2016 than at any other time in VOA’s long history.

So here is a reminder.

These slurs by a handful of VOA newsroom reporters also seem to us to be a hateful anti-woman act.

That’s how many women at the Voice of America saw these sexist, anti-women jokes — as well as the jokes about an ethnic minority and a disabled person which were told in a satirical skit put together by a few of VOA’s federal employees, apparently on government time.

Voice of America Civil Service Employees Satire Trump, Future First Lady, BBG Watch, December 17, 2016.

Voice of America reporters demean Ivanka Trump, fail to report on plane harassment incident, BBG Watch, December 26, 2016.