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VOA Homepage 5PM 12-12-13

BBC Homepage 5PM 12-12-13

With its top news lineup Thursday not updated for some hours, the Voice of America English website was at least two to three hours late compared to major international and U.S. media outlets in reporting that the disgraced uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un – Jang Song-thaek – has been executed. His execution was announced by North Korean state media earlier today.

Al Jazeera, BBC, and Russia Today have all reported on the execution of Jang Song-thaek at the top of their news websites. It has been the lead news on the BBC website for at least a couple of hours before a VOA report showed up.

See: See: “North Korean leader’s uncle ‘executed over corruption’,” BBC, December 12, 2013.

BBC is also showing these three related reports:

BBC also has these two news analyses:

RT (Russia Today) has this report, “North Korea executes Kim Jong-un’s powerful uncle,” RT, December 12, 2013, which already shows 556 Facebook “Likes” as of 5PM ET.

Al Jazeera’s report, “N Korea executes uncle of leader Kim Jong-un,” Al Jazeera, December 12, 2013, is already showing 612 Facebook “Likes” as of 5:30PM ET.

UPDATE: As of 5:30PM ET, there is finally a report on the Voice of America English news website on the execution of the uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. It shows 4 Facebook “Shares.” The VOA report has only 142 words and shows no related reports or news analyses.