Dear Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to announce that respected journalist and media executive Andrew Lack will be sworn in today as Chief Executive Officer and Director of our agency.

Andy Lack has an unmatched record as a journalist and media executive, and he has successfully steered large organizations through changes in competitive media environments. We are grateful that Andy has decided to serve his country and lead the BBG at this critical juncture.

Andy will serve as the first-ever CEO of U.S. international media. Creating the position of a CEO has been a key objective of the Board and the Administration and his selection follows an almost year-long search.

As you all know well, the challenges we face are immense. I am confident Andy is the best person for this challenge and I am incredibly excited about the future.

Prior to being selected by the BBG, Andy served as the Chairman of the Bloomberg Media Group. He joined Bloomberg in October 2008 as CEO of its Global Media Group and was responsible for expanding television, radio, magazine, conference and digital businesses.

Andy’s distinguished broadcasting and journalism career also includes serving as Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, president and chief operating officer of NBC, president of NBC News, and television producer at CBS News.

You can read more about Andy’s remarkable accomplishments here.

In the coming days and weeks Andy will look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. He will be visiting offices as well as dropping in on meetings and programs to hear from you directly about your work. Please join me in welcoming Andy. Whatever help you can give him as he dives into his work would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Shell


Broadcasting Board of Governors