BBG Watch Commentary

BBC US Budget Deal 12-10-13The VOA Central English Newsroom and the VOA English website team have not been able to post promptly important breaking news due to bad management, lack of planning, insufficient resources, and dismal employee morale caused by indifference and hostility of top executives.

Yet again, BBC beat VOA by posting a few hours ago on its home page as one of its top news stories a report on a U.S. budget deal reached in Congress to avoid another U.S. government shutdown.

Read: “US budget deal agreed in Congress,” BBC, 10 December 2013 Last updated at 19:14 ET.

As of 8PM ET there is still nothing on this news story on the VOA English news website.

The Voice of America central news operation is broken and the so-called “45 Newsrooms” concept being promoted by VOA executives turned out to be a complete fiasco.