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Paul Westpheling, AFGE Local 1812
Paul Westpheling, AFGE Local 1812

Paul Westpheling, Vice President of AFGE Local 1812, a union representing federal employees of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), welcomed new BBG Chairman Jeff Shell and other new Board members in remarks delivered at an open BBG Board meeting on Wednesday in Washington, DC.

The union has been pointing out for years that the top management in charge of the agency overseeing U.S. international broadcasting is rated as being one of the very worst in the federal government as measured by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS).

The management has convinced various previous BBG Boards that the union is uncooperative and hostile. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. It is the top agency management, largely centered within the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) that has created a culture of hostility and intimidation directed against BBG employees and their union. Practically all highly successful programs and other media projects, including local placement, have been originated by agency’s journalists and other rank and file employees. Some of the greatest agency disasters, including the loss of the highly popular Voice of America “Parazit” satirical television program to Iran, are the fault of top executives.

The union’s statement, delivered by Mr. Westpheling, showed that agency employees are more than willing to respond to good leadership from the BBG Board and are looking for a major change in the agency’s management culture.

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