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Worth reading:

— In response to Russian media propaganda, Anne Applebaum suggests increased funding for RFE/RL in The Telegraph.

Not listed, but worth reading:

Former BBG member Blanquita Cullum : ‘very concerned about Voice of America’, BBG Watch

BBG Watch investigative reporting quoted in Congressional Record, BBG Watch

Swedish Foreign Minister Bildt: “massive propaganda war” in Ukraine | Radio Sweden

Despite crisis in Ukraine, Voice of America still unable to post news updates online quickly, BBG Watch


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BBG Media Highlights – March 10, 2014
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— In response to Russian media propaganda, Anne Applebaum suggests increased funding for RFE/RL in The Telegraph.

— Cuba allowing some smartphone access but Miami Herald notes that the country is still blocking Radio/TV Marti.

Citations of BBG Networks

— RFE/RL reporting on Ukraine cited in NPRUSA Today, and the Atlantic.

— Arirang cites VOA reporting on possibility for further UN sanctions on North Korea.

— Mashable includes VOA’s report on Crimea referendum in compilation of important stories around the world.

— Tibetan Review cites RFA report on woman who self-immolated on Tiananmen Square.

In the foreign-language press:

— News Zum (South Korean news agency) cites RFA report that Air China will double its Beijing-Pyongyang flight schedule starting from the end of this month.

Of Interest

— AP says armed men in Crimea “confiscated” its reporters’ TV equipment.

— CBS and shortwave.

— Freelance photographer killed in Syria.

— “Elections” in North Korea.

— Pakistan’s first women-only bus.

— Why attention – not clicks – will win the web.

— Sleep at work.

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