This post by Judy was in response to Broadcasting Board of Governors – We Know Who The Enemy Is, Part I by the Federalist and a comment by Another Voice.

BBG Super Executives out of touch with reality

by Judy

This is the best analysis of BBG that I have ever read!

It would be nice if BBG would return to its basic mission of broadcasting to the world. Does anyone know about the (mostly ignored) VOA Charter? The Charter’s language is specific: “… communicating directly with the peoples of the world by radio.” It doesn’t say “the current hot spot” or “the countries that BBG and IBB managers want to visit next” or even “selected parts of the world.” But the Charter is just a silly U.S. Public Law and BBG is above the law. They’re the Government.

BBG’s only important “audience” is within their own building and within eyesight of their building. Their audiences overseas are just incidental, judging by the Board’s actions, and their employees overseas are considered as unwanted nuisances. How much better the world will understand things when all BBG components become poor imitations of YouTube with unverified “news” and garbage from school kids and government propaganda bureaus around the world.

Funny thing is … BBG’s employees have many years of experience and expertise. They know their audiences and they know what’s important. It’s the Super Executives who are completely out of touch with reality. Oh, they have their own “realities” of course: bonuses, fund-raising for a politician, setting up high paying jobs they can step into in a year or two. It’s good to be best friends with deep-pocket contractors and, of course, the President.

If anyone ever wants to actually go back to the Charter, they might consider talking with BBG employees, including those overseas, and State Department and Military members who have lived overseas and know the peoples of various countries.