USG Broadcasts - BBG WatchLast week BBG Watch —, an independent website run by former and current Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) employees and their supporters — had an exclusive report that Broadcasting Board of Governors members were appalled to learn for the first time that the highly popular Voice of America (VOA) satirical television program “Parazit,” which was broadcast to Iran, has been off the air for the last nine months. That story has now hit the mainstream media. Writing in the “Washington Whispers” column in U.S.News & World Report, Elizabeth Flock reported that the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the umbrella organization over VOA, told Whispers they were not notified of the show going off-air.”

Her article, “Staffers: Voice Of America Left Lawmakers in The Dark About Loss Of Prominent Show ‘Parazit’,” focuses on Congressional staffers also being kept in the dark about the program. BBG Watch reported that Voice of America and BBG’s International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) executives also failed to inform members of Congress and congressional staffers about the program being off the air for nine months. During that time the BBG kept issuing press releases suggesting that Parazit was still being broadcast.

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