BBG member Victor Ashe
Victor Ashe

At the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) meeting in Washington, DC on February 22, 2013, BBG Governor, Ambassador Victor Ashe, welcomed newly-appointed Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) Kevin Klose and noted the 60th anniversary of Radio Liberty.

BBG GOVERNOR, AMBASSADOR VICTOR ASHE: “Mr. Chairman, let me just echo what you’ve said as a member of the RFE/RL Board in welcoming Kevin Klose to the team and to leading Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in what has been a difficult time. A week from today, you’ll celebrate the 60th anniversary, March 1, of the Russian-language Service, in Moscow and Prague, and that will be a signal event and one which, I think, it has a distinguished history, where we’ve attempted to provide news to the Russian people during turbulent governmental times when their own government was not as receptive to broadcasting all the news in an objective way. So, actually, you are returning to your post of duty from prior service. I can’t think of a person more uniquely qualified to right the ship and to head it in the right direction than you, so welcome aboard.”

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