BBG Watch is wondering whether the same Broadcasting Board of Governors executives who tried to reduce Radio Free Asia broadcasts to Tibet in 2007 and convinced the current BBG members to propose ending Voice of America radio to Tibet told the Board about what happened in 2007 and what might happen again now. This is what Politico reported in May, 2007, “Monks plead with Hill for Tibetan radio airtime” Their flowing red robes stood out in the sea of gray, navy and brown suits assembled for a recent hearing before the House Appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations. The seven Tibetan Buddhist monks went to Capitol Hill to give Congress a simple message: Restore all funding for Radio Free Asia’s Tibetan broadcasts. BBG Watch wonders whether it’s possible that International Broadcasting Bureau executives forgot to tell BBG members about the demonstration of Tibetan Buddhist monks on Capital Hill in 2007 and that the Congress forced them to keep all RFA radio transmissions to Tibet. Beware of Tibetan Buddhist monks.

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Beware of Tibetan Buddhist Monks