A guest commentary by Edite Lynch

It is beyond comprehension that these Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) conduits of bad news can perform like consummate actors when required. It is shocking, abhorrent and despicable that these kinds of individuals can even sleep at night. Where is honor! Where is duty! Where is patriotism? Where is the humanity? Where is the love of freedom and democracy for the disadvantaged? Where is the truth?

“When one knows the truth, it is not difficult to discern what is false”. While there are a few Congressmen and Senators who are showing concern, there should be a much larger brouhaha about what is transpiring with the BBG and ultimately that guardian of freedom and dignity displayed by the Voice of America (VOA) around the world.

Wake up and smell the coffee BBG members. You have a duty to perform that involves the lives of millions of people. When are you going to get serious about your mandate and protect the VOA and those millions the world over who need to hear what America has to say about freedom and religion and a free market economy?

Have you fallen ill and vaulted into President Obama’s deep cellar of iniquity? So far, his talk has been cheap and not worthy of acceptance. Do you view yourselves any better? The disgust and deep worry for those who live under horrific conditions without hope creates a distinct distaste for what you Board members are doing and how you are doing it!

American citizens deserve better from those who are receiving large amounts of tax-payer dollars and get nothing in return………not them or the people for whom you are commissioned to act and make viable VOA broadcasts around the world to those in need.

Shame on you! For your incredible hypocrisy and role-playing and for what you are inclined to do to millions who need our help to enjoy some dignity and light in their lives, whether it is interesting information or beautiful music. The medicine you choose for others, you should be able to take yourselves.

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