From a VOA journalist:

Re the below “Civility in the Workplace” Campaign:

How amusing that VOA kicked off an “act nice” campaign just before the big RIF announcements. The future-unemployed, it seems, are expected to maintain happy faces even as they contemplate their bankrupt futures and their managers’ fat fortunes.

At yesterday’s Central News meeting, David Ensor said there would be cuts in management, too. But he said those cuts would not be “proportionate.”

Why ever not? Why hack away at the ranks of those who actually produce stories and programs in favor of managers, who produce only meetings and memos?

We suggest that a “Sanity in the Workplace” or an “Accountability in the Workplace,” or a “Start Telling the Truth for Once in Your Management Career,” campaigns are far more urgently needed.

From: IBB Notices Administration [] Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 5:01 PM
To: IBB Staff
Subject: Civility in the Workplace Campaign

Incivility in the workplace has the potential to destroy employee relationships, workplace morale, and productivity in the federal government, as well as in the private sector. BBG is not immune to instances of uncivil behavior, and while we have received many positive messages from employees, this is not the experience for everyone. In response, the agency is launching a campaign to increase awareness on issues of appropriate behavior and renew its commitment to maintain an environment of mutual respect and workplace civility. 

The Civility in the Workplace campaign will launch in February 2012. The campaign’s goal is to foster a culture of civil and respectful communication in which all employees thrive. This campaign was created by a group of your co-workers, including members of senior management, union leaders, supervisory, and non-supervisory employees. Throughout the planning stages, the task force solicited input from employees across the agency to ensure all groups within BBG were well represented.  

The campaign will center on six core values: Integrity and Professionalism, Mutual Respect, Courtesy, Constructive Communication, Honoring Diversity, and Collective Responsibility.  Training courses and brown bag sessions will be offered periodically over the next six months to reinforce these values and provide a forum for employees to discuss any issues and concerns. More information on the campaign can found at Please feel free to send any comments on the campaign and suggestions for future events to

We encourage all employees to participate and embrace the core values of the campaign. We hope that everyone will strive to be a model for others in the workplace. We ask that you join us in fostering a more positive and productive work environment that will help us further achieve the mission and vision of U.S. international broadcasting.

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