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An Royce-Engel H.R. 2323 bill to reform the BBG is stuck in a log jam behind the Iran bill. Literally nothing is moving until the Iran legislation is dealt with. But once the Iran bill is out of the way, Congress needs to act quickly to make the BBG and the Voice of America much more effective against Putin’s and ISIS’ propaganda. I am not suggesting that the two are in the same category or that they represent the same type of threat, but America’s security depends on how well VOA can respond with accurate news and alternative ideas to ISIS’ recruitment of terror fighters and to Putin’s lies.”


The Digital Journal op-ed was written by former Voice of America acting associate director Ted Lipien who is also one of the volunteer founders and volunteer supporters of BBG Watch.

READ MORE: Op-Ed: Voice of America in intellectual twilight zone against Putin, Ted Lipien, Digital Journal, August 11, 2015