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In a December 8, 2015 article, “What Are the Worst Agencies to Work for in Government?,” noted:

“For medium sized agencies, the National Archives and Records Administration, Broadcasting Board of Governors, and Small Business Administration scored last…”

These results were based on the answers to some of the questions in the 2015 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) conducted every year by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

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Broadcasting Board of Governors executives went into great lengths to encourage BBG employees to participate in the 2015 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. They were hoping for a much better result, but the BBG still ranked next to the last in the category of medium sized agencies. The low ranking did not change even though more BBG employees participated in the 2015 survey after BBG executives promised them extra time-off from work for filling out the questionnaire.

While the promise of the time-off bribe from the BBG management had increased employee participation in the 2015 FEVS, and may have been responsible for slight improvements over last year in a few survey categories, the Broadcasting Board of Governors was still ranked by employees as one of the worst places to work for in the federal government, with the BBG executives getting the blame for not carrying out any significant management reforms.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors’ next to the last worst ranking also has not changed despite enormous efforts and large amounts of taxpayers’ dollars spent by BBG executives on special programs to improve employee morale. Management-sponsored morale-boosting initiatives included such things as “Bingo Nights” and were widely ridiculed by BBG employees as insulting or meaningless. reported:


“Among mid-sized agencies, at top were FDIC, Peace Corps, GAO, FTC and FERC, and at bottom SBA, Broadcasting Board of Governors, NARA, HUD and Energy.”


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