Jimmy Quinn, national security correspondent for National Review, reported that four Republican members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted last week against the nomination of former Voice of America (VOA) director Amanda Bennett to be the next CEO of the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM).

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Jimmy Quinn wrote in his June 27 National Review report:

Bennett, a former director of Voice of America, is seen by some USAGM employees and conservative activists as a staunch champion for liberal causes with a record of mismanagement. Among other things, conservatives were expected to take aim at security lapses she presided over during her tenure at VOA and bizarre editorial decisions that benefitted authoritarian regimes.

The national security correspondent for National Review reported that “four GOP lawmakers ultimately voted no on Bennett’s nomination last week.”

The office of one of the four Bennett opponents, Ted Cruz, explained his rationale, saying that the Texas Republican is particularly concerned by Bennett’s “partisanship” and reports that she used “VOA resources to advance her views on illegal immigration.”

“When Senator Cruz asked about some particularly troubling incidents, Bennett either declined to answer or even said she wasn’t clear what was being asked,” the spokesman said, adding, “Senator Cruz does not believe Bennett is appropriate to be Chief Executive Officer of the USAGM.”

In addition to Senator Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio (Florida), Bill Hagerty (Tennessee), and Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) voted no.

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