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International media have been reporting for the last two days on the latest wealth analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) at which shows that half of the members of the U.S. Congress are millionaires. Despite strong international interest in this story — it is number four most read on the BBC website Friday evening — it is still being ignored by U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America (VOA) on its main English language news website.

RT (Russia Today) was one of the first foreign media organizations to report on this news story. Its report, “Make the money, make the laws: Congress has more millionaires than ever – report,” RT, Jan. 09, is showing more than 8,400 Facebook “Likes” as of 11:00PM ET, Jan. 10.

The Voice of Russia (VOR) also posted a report based partly on reports by RT and The Washington Post,
Most members of US Congress are millionaires – report,” Voice of Russia, Jan. 10. The report shows 7 (seven) Facebook “Likes” as of 11:00PM ET, Jan. 10. Not unlike VOA, Voice of Russia usually shows very few Facebook “Likes” for most of its news reports.

The BBC report, “Half of US Congressional politicians are millionaires,” BBC, Jan. 10, is showing over 2,600 Facebook likes several hours after its posting.

Iran English Radio website posted a short report, “Most US lawmakers are millionaires: Report,” Iran English Radio, Jan. 10. It still shows 0 (zero) Facebook “Likes.” Iran English Radio also shows very few Facebook “Likes” for most of its reports.

Iran’s Press TV also has a report on the story on its website with video, “Most US lawmakers are millionaires: Report,” Press TV, Jan. 10. As of 11:00PM ET, it shows 88 Facebook “Likes.”

China’s CCTV is not reporting on this story on its English website. Today CCTV posted a report on poverty in the United States, “Obama announces first five ‘promise zones’ to tackle poverty,” CCTV, Jan. 10.

VOA did not report on President Obama’s Thursday announcement of establishing five “promise zones” in San Antonio, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Southeastern Kentucky and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. They would be eligible for tax breaks and other forms of federal support as part of President Obama’s efforts to focus on income inequality and poverty, CCTV reported.

While VOA English website had no report on this announcement by President Obama on Thursday, on Wednesday it posted a different report, “Obama Declares Gains in Poverty War, but Not Victory,” VOA, Jan. 8.

Al Jazeera America had this report, “For first time, majority of Congress worth $1 million or more,” Al Jazeera America, Jan. 9. Al Jazeera’s Middle East website has a link on its homepage to the Al Jazeera America website, but the story did not appear in Al Jazeera’s Middle East website. Al Jazeera America’s report is showing over 3,000 Facebook “Likes” as of 11:00PM ET, Jan. 10.

The Voice of America English website still has no report on this story.