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The Cold War Radio Museum has published audio, video and photos depicting the Voice of America in 1989/1990.

Cold War Radio Museum Cold War Radio Museum

1990 VOA Polish Service Bilingual Polish-English Newscast



The Cold War was almost over in 1989-1990. The Voice of America was looking for new ways to deliver news to Eastern Europe.

The bilingual VOA Polish-English newscast was one of several projects initiated in the VOA Polish Service.

Polish-English VOA bilingual newscast was read on January 24, 1990 by VOA Polish Service broadcaster Jerzy Rudzki and VOA English Service broadcaster Philip G. Murray Sr. Also heard in the recording are VOA Polish Service broadcasters Mirosław Kondracki and Krystyna Wojtasik. Philip G. Murray, who died in 2011, was the husband of the late Polish Service Production Chief Roma Starczewska Murray. She died in on November 10, 2017. Philip Murray had an extensive career in radio and television in New England and New York, and as a broadcaster, producer and director for 15 years for the Voice of America before retiring in 1994. He appeared in the movie “Jaws” and in several PBS specials as well as television and print commercials.

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