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The information re-posted below has been on the State Department website for hours and parts of it were used by Voice of Russia and RT in their news reporting, but as of 8PM EST Sunday, there is still no news on the U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America (VOA) English news website on the Kerry-Lavrov phone call.

Secretary Kerry Speaks With Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov About the Situation in Ukraine

FEBRUARY 23, 2014

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Secretary of State John Kerry spoke by telephone this morning with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about the situation in Ukraine.  Secretary Kerry expressed the United States Government’s strong support for the action of the Ukrainian parliament today to name an acting president and acting prime minister, and to move quickly to stabilize the country’s political and economic situation.  Secretary Kerry emphasized that the votes taken today by huge majorities of the Ukrainian people’s elected representatives from all parties, including the Party of Regions, offer the best and most promising path forward to restore peace and stability to Ukraine quickly, and to address Ukraine’s pressing financial challenges in the coming weeks and months.

Secretary Kerry restated America’s readiness to work with all members of the international community and all international institutions to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people at this critical time.  Secretary Kerry expressed our hope that the Russian Federation will join with us, the European Union and its member states, and other concerned countries to help Ukraine turn the page and emerge from this crisis stronger, united and moving forward through new elections and critically needed reforms .  The Secretary noted our call for all sides to refrain from violence and to respect Ukraine’s democratic institutions.   He also underscored the United States’ expectation that Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and democratic freedom of choice will be respected by all states.

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