A Voice of America journalist who uses a pen name Mary Jane has posed this problem:

As we stand on the precipice of collapse, crumbling and leaderless, fearing for our jobs while simultaneously wishing to be released from this torturous slow decay, a keen look at our so-called management is due.

Mary Jane promised to provide that look in several installments.

The series is titled “HOWL.”

Part Three – Inspector Detective of Email Violations

Few are the Executive Producer and Managing Editors who have not received one of these chastising missives, confidently sent to “reply all.”

Read this bit of VOA managerial prose:

“While it certainly helps to know when  and where  interviews are being conducted, it may be more helpful for people to know what interviews you’ve requested but have yet to be confirmed; interviews you’re considering but have yet to request; or, interviews that you’d be interested in getting, but you don’t know whether anyone else in the building has a similar interest or has already made the request.” Clear?