A Letter from Prague

by Leon

It’s easier to find Putin’s email address than those of most members of Broadcasting Board of Governors

A few days ago, -– about a month since an open meeting of the Broadcasting Board of Governors was held at Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty headquarters in Prague — I had an interesting conversation with one of RFE/RL journalists.

“Remember Victor Ashe?” he asked.– “Sure. I watched the online transmission of that meeting. Ashe put up a real fight against the shut-up resolution. It was pushed by most of the BBG members and their support staffers.”

“Do you know of whom he reminds me?”


“Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Putin put him in prison after he suggested transparency.”

“What’s the point?”

“If only BBG could, they’d isolate Ashe. Did you notice their reactions, their expressions? Do you know that Ashe is the only one among them who openly provides his email address? Did you ever try to find the email addresses of other BBG members?”

“No. I am not going to write them.”

“That’s good. You’d waste your time looking. They just don’t want any critical feedback. It’s easier to find Putin’s email address on the Internet,” he said.  

And we both laughed.