BBG Watch Commentary


Korn Fed Execs

by Anonymous RFE/RL journalist

It does not surprise anyone who grew up east of the Iron Curtain that those who rise to the top of state funded organizations will use their power and influence to increase the levels of comfort for themselves, their families and their friends to the detriment of the general populace. Of course, it took an Englishman by the name of George Orwell to describe the practice to the West in the later part of his short novel, “Animal Farm,” which many of us had to read in parts that were passed around via our most trusted friends.

Thus, it does not surprise many of us that Premier Steve Korn and his Politburo behave just like the pigs after the takeover of Manor Farm. His first move was to separate himself and those who he believed would back him up by bringing in a good friend, Dale Cohen, from the States, and elevating him and two others to Vice Presidents, making them members of the Senior Executive Service. These individuals were given higher salaries than before for doing the exact same work as before and their housing allowances that would be determined to be whatever Steve wished.

This “some are more equal than others” attitude has been growing ever since. With policies and procedures that apply to the masses being ignored by the top managers. Business class travel, bringing in friends as contractors and consultants, awarding themselves large bonuses. In the exact opposite of “Animal Farm,” our humans have turned into pigs at the trough that Korn built.

Now that Premier Korn is being allowed to resign with a modicum of dignity, it is time to offer the other VPs the same opportunity. If they have not submitted their own resignations by the 25th of January, the new or interim President of RFE/RL should remove them in the same humiliating fashion that they inflicted on our colleagues in Moscow. Either way, once they have gone, we can all celebrate by eating bacon sandwiches.