BBG Watch Commentary

AFGE Local 1812

BBG Watch has received text of an email sent to a supporter by one of illegally RIFed Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB) journalists.

American Federation of Government Employees, Local 1812, a union representing Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) federal employees, commented in an article posted on its website on the tragic personal situation of OCB’s FIFed employees and the mishandling of the case by the BBG’s Office of General Counsel.


At a BBG board meeting last week, the board also announced the selection of Paul Kollmer-Dorsey as the agency’s General Counsel. Kollmer-Dorsey joined the BBG as Deputy General Counsel and Acting General Counsel in June 2009. Prior to joining BBG, he served as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Global Relief Technologies and worked for a dozen years in the international satellite communications industry. He earned his law degree from the Stanford School of Law.

Paul Kollmer-Dorsey has been overseeing the OCB RIF case.

Well-placed sources told BBG Watch that while the selection of Kollmer-Dorsey may be viewed as highly disappointing to RIFed OCB broadcasters and other BBG employees, there is a chance the General Counsel will act differently under new management being put in by the new BBG board under the chairmanship of Jeff Shell. Sources told BBG Watch that some BBG members had conversations with Paul Kollmer-Dorsey on what they expect from him after his promotion.

From a RIFed OCB Employee:

“I am one of the people who are affected by the RIF. I write to you with the hope that your participation in this matter will help me return to my place in the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB) as soon as possible.

Another year has passed since the previous letter I sent. Now almost four years have passed of much pain and suffering for my family and I. I keep hoping I can return back to work and do what I love to do, … I would like nothing more than my life [to go] back to normal.

As you know, the Agency finally has lost arbitration and appeal to the FLRA, however, [it] insists on prolonging the agony of RIFed employees. Although I know that legally [they] are entitled to appeal further, I also know that … they can stop now, … do not know if anyone has the power to say enough to the prolonging [of the appeals].

These people need to be reinstated to their jobs immediately, in one way or another we are colleagues. … the uncertainty and the fact that I have not been able to support my family, … this has been very painful. I hope you can once again ask and keep asking until you receive a specific response of the General Counsel.

Sincerely thanks for your time and attention. May God continue to bless you and your family.”