BBG Watch Commentary

WT LogoIn a Washington Times op-ed, strongly supporting management reforms proposed in the Royce – Engel bipartisan H.R. 4490 bill designed to restructure the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) in charge of U.S. international broadcasting, former Voice of America (VOA) journalist and manager Ted Lipien warns that current mismanagement is responsible for propaganda in support of America’s enemies getting on some VOA programs.

Lipien argues for reforms and good management and against any kind of propaganda.

“Just as current and past VOA broadcasters, I want Voice of America to return to serious journalism that I used to practice with pride while interviewing liberty advocates such as Mr. Walesa and the man who would become Pope John Paul II. Congress should put the VOA Charter in the act, but it must also make sure by insisting that the charter, which is already U.S. law, is observed. Otherwise, $700 million of taxpayers’ money will go to waste. The world will see more zombie videos and news reports from Voice of America reinforcing propaganda from our enemies. This must not be allowed to happen.”

READ MORE: LIPIEN: A propaganda-free Voice of America – Congress must prevent U.S. tax dollars from helping America’s enemies, Ted Lipien, Washington Times, July 16, 2014.