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MBN, Inc. President Brian Conniff
MBN, Inc. President Brian Conniff

Brian Conniff, president of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN), spoke at the February 26, 2016 Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) open board meeting about the push to digital, and discussed the success of MBN’s digital strategy “Raise Your Voice” on social media. Brian Conniff noted that “Raise Your Voice” will expand from Iraq to Egypt on MBN’s digital platforms.

BBG CEO and Director John Lansing announced that “Raise Your Voice” initiative will also be adopted by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) and Voice of America (VOA).



BBG CEO & DIRECTOR JOHN LANSING: Next significant investment [in BBG FY2017 Budget Request to Congress] is $2.5 million to expand the highly successful “Raise Your Voice” Campaign that was developed through MBN [Middle East Broadcasting Networks] under Brian Conniff. So Brian, talk about how that expansion will take place.
MBN PRESIDENT BRIAN CONNIFF: Thank you, John. The portion of this investment will allow MBN to establish a new digital platform designed to engage the people of Egypt. As you mentioned, it’s based on our experience with the digital “Raise Your Voice” platform in Iraq and is consistent with the audience’s preference for local media outlets. And as suggested by this request, we believe it’s the format of the future.