Welcome Kevin Klose – We Wish You Well

Kevin Klose
Kevin Klose

BBG Watch usually does not do this, but we feel it is important at this time to extend our best wishes to Kevin Klose as he takes over his duties at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty as Acting RFE/RL President and CEO.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) could not have chosen a more distinguished journalist and media executive. As RFE/RL president once before, Kevin Klose was widely respected and admired by the Radio’s staff. He saved RFE/RL by moving it from Munich to Prague. He was an outstanding leader who inspired employees and fostered innovation through dialog and mutual respect.

A lot of hopes are tied with his second arrival at RFE/RL. We hope that he will heal this great media freedom institution and restore its damaged reputation by welcoming back all journalists and others who have suffered terribly during the last year and a half. We are convinced that he will allow them to practice journalism that dictators and authoritarian rulers will rightly fear and RFE/RL audiences and supporters will again greatly appreciate.

Good Luck Kevin Klose!