BBG Watch

The Obama Administration is silent on Voice of America (VOA) and Radio and TV Marti reporters not being allowed by the Castro regime to travel to Cuba to report from the island, former VOA acting associate director Ted Lipien wrote in an op-ed in Digital Journal.

“If anyone can right the BBG, Andy Lack certainly has the right credentials. VOA, the Martis, and other BBG media are important public institutions that serve America’s long-term interests. They keep the world better informed about America. They target countries that lack free media and/or represent a national security threat and spread anti-American propaganda.
One thing that the Voice of America and others [BBG entities] must not do is to be timid against clever and brutal regimes, whether it’s Cuba, Russia, or Iran. I truly hope that the new BBG leadership will not allow it even if the White House says otherwise or doesn’t say anything at all. Be not afraid.”

READ MORE: Op-Ed: U.S. must protest lack of Cuban visas for VOA and Marti reporters, By Ted Lipien, Digital Journal, January 21, 2015.