BBG Watch Commentary

RFE:RL_LogoRadio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) is providing live coverage in English of protests in Kyiv, Ukraine.

RFE/RL is also providing live online coverage in Ukrainian and Russian.

Live Blog: Massive Protests In Kyiv

  1. Live Blog: Massive Protests In Kyiv
  2.  Massive Rally In Kyiv Targets Ukrainian Government
  3. In Ukraine’s Industrial East, The Silence Is Deafening
  4. Tens Of Thousands Of Ukrainian Protesters Block Kyiv’s Government District
  5. Saakashvili, Filat Offer Support To Pro-EU Protesters
  6. Live Blog: Kyiv Protests Continue As Deadlines Loom

The Voice of America Ukrainian Service also covers the protests in Ukraine, but at the same time offers extensive coverage of U.S. reactions to the demonstrations.

The VOA English website was late in posting news stories on new developments in Ukraine over the weekend, including the toppling of the Lenin statue in Kyiv. The VOA English website and relies on Reuters reports rather than providing original coverage.

Sources told BBG Watch that over the weekend, understaffed and poorly managed VOA English newsroom and its web team have not been using some of the excellent RFE/RL reporting or reports from the VOA Ukrainian Service. Reuters reports from Ukraine on the VOA English website get very few Facebook “Likes” compared to thousands of “Likes” BBC and Russia Today get for their original news reports from Kiev.