BBG Watch Media

An analysis by Daniil Gorbatenko in Atlas Network is worth reading in light of RT and SPUTNIK going ballistic with righteous indignation over a recent comment by Andy Lack to The New York Times naming RT as a challenge for the Broadcasting Board of Governors’ (BBG) media outlets such as Radio Liberty and the Voice of America in countering Putin’s disinformation campaigns.

Daniil Gorbatenko is a Ph.D. graduate student in economics at Aix Marseille Université in France and a blogger for the Libertarian Party of Russia.

“When politicians and popular commentators with nonconventional views frequently appear on RT, people who espouse similar views may increasingly view RT as a credible source and, consequently, lend greater credence to its propagandistic allegations. This has been an especially disheartening trend among some libertarians and libertarian-leaning conservatives in the United States and Western Europe, who repeat the favorite tropes of Kremlin propaganda to an astounding degree — for instance, referring to the members of the Russian liberal opposition as the ‘fifth column,’ a derogatory term from the Spanish civil war that is used by Kremlin apologists to equate opposition to Putin with national treason.” Daniil Gorbatenko, ATLAS NETWORK, January 14, 2015.

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